The WordPress Review Queue. You decide what I review.

I’ve had a fantastic response to my WordPress theme buying guide I posted earlier this month and the subsequent feedback I’ve had when I posted it to Reddit here.

People are looking for quality reviews of WordPress products, be they themes, plugins or indeed services.

I had a brainwave why not open this up to consumers?

What’s the point of writing reviews on plugins and themes that I’ve chosen for selection? Why not review products that people are looking to buy.

Makes sense to me, and hopefully, it makes sense to you.

Welcome to the WordPress review queue, here you can leave a comment with a theme you are thinking of using, a plugin you’re thinking of buying and more.

You can leave a comment with why you’re thinking of buying the product and what potential use you have in mind for it.

I’ll do the dirty work, and I’ll review the product and let you know my findings, I can’t say fairer than that. Hopefully, my review helps to allay any fears you have from splashing the cash.

At least you’ll have a more explicit indication as to whether or not the WordPress theme/plugin or indeed service is right for you.

This review queue will constantly change

Once I have performed a review the product will have a link to the actual review in question. Think of this post as a constantly evolving and updated beast.

I will continually update it to reflect the current review situation on LyrWP, keep you in the loop. Don’t forget at the base of this post is an email newsletter sub box, feel free to subscribe. I don’t like popups and would rather not use them.

So how does it all work? I’m glad you asked.

Firstly leave a comment. Don’t be lazy and say review XYZ theme without giving me any indication as to why you’re thinking of buying it, feel free to go to town.

The more information I have, the more I can drill down and answer your burning questions.

An example would be:

Hey Ben,
Can you review XYZ plugin (or theme) next, I’m thinking of using it for a new project. It seems reasonable, but I have a couple of concerns.

Will it do ZYX, ideally I need it for a specific project I have for my site (you can keep your website private if you like!) and am wondering if it’s a good fit.

Could you test it out for me and let me know what you find?

The above is an example for obvious reasons; however, it should give you an idea of the type of info I need.

Don’t worry, I will leave a comment to ask questions, etc.

Raise the profile of product review request

In order to raise the profile of a theme/plugin you have requested for review, all users have to do is add a comment to the original comment asking for a review. See below for example:

+1 (add your reason why here)

The more +1’s the theme/plugin has then, the more likely I am to consider it.

So add the product you would like reviewed, then share the page on the socials and get others to +1 it if they would like a review.

It’s that easy to do.

See my current WordPress review queue below:

Schema Pro Plugin Review
WP Schema Pro Review

WP Schema Plugin Review

I’m going to be reviewing WP Schema Pro. As Schema is quite essential for search engines in telling them what your content is about and the structure. It makes sense to discuss this one.

For more information on this product take a look at the links below.

Status: Not reviewed. Once reviewed link will be here.

GeneratePress Premium theme review

Love the theme from a user perspective, and it’s what I’m using here on LyrWP. I know a lot of people are aware of the GeneratePress, however, I know that some would like to see an in-depth review, to see if it fits their needs.

If you’d like to find out more about the premium version of GeneratePress, please see links below.

Status: Not reviewed, link will be here once it’s completed.

As part of my transparency here on LyrWP, I believe it’s the right thing to give you a choice.

One link is an affiliate one, and the other is a non-affiliate link. Eh? Right if you click on the affiliate link, I will earn a commission of the sale (at no cost to you), which then goes into me buying themes/plugins for review.

The other link directly links to the product without any affiliate details, if you decided instead not to support LyrWP, please use that link. No hard feelings and I completely understand your stance.

I’d rather be upfront about it from the get go!

Now it’s over to you

Leave a comment with what you would like me to review if it gets enough +1 comments, and people want me to consider it I will.l.

That’s it, looking forward to reading your comments! Don’t forget to share this post with others who would like to see a review of your submission.

P.s. Theme/plugin developers requesting a review of their product, please do not abuse this system. It’s meant for consumers, you can submit your product to me directly on my contact page here, I will then add it as a comment myself.

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