Tutorial: How to show a dynamic discount pricing table in WooCommerce

I like to document things, issues I’ve faced, mainly for my sanity. The other day at the day job, I met a struggle.

I’m continually adding products via WooCommerce to the company website. The problem was I needed to show a pricing table for visitors so they could see the discounts available to them.

By showing discounts on bulk quantities, it highlights how much money they could save on buying more. I have WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and was looking for a free solution that would allow me to show the discounts in a table view.

A table that outputs the dynamic backend pricing, I was manually adding the pricing tables by hand via a custom product tab. So I needed a way to make life easier and faster, so I could get on with adding more products to the site.

WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Table View Plugin

After having sifted through Google, I finally settled on a plugin called Codup WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Table View. It’s a free plugin available on WordPress.org

Codup Dynamic Pricing Table

So intrigued I downloaded the plugin and installed it, had a play around with it. And this is how to show a dynamic price table in WooCommerce.

For this tutorial, you will need:

The WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing plugin available directly from WooCommerce; it costs $129.00, and of course, the free pricing table from Codup.

How to add a dynamic pricing table in WooCommerce

This tutorial shouldn’t take too long to do at all. There are some caveats with using this plugin, I will add them after this quick howto.

Choose a product to add dynamic pricing to

Dynamic pricing in Woocommerce
Dynamic pricing in Woocommerce

To display a dynamic pricing table on the front end, we need to have a product with dynamic pricing. Choose a product from your catalog that you want to use and add in your quantity range and of course your pricing.

Download and install Dynamic Pricing Table View

Download and install
Download and install

You could download and install the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing Table View plugin first if you wanted to. I’ve just added it as a second step for no other reason than I can! Either download it from WordPress.org or search for it in your WordPress admin.

Unlike other plugins, there is no central place to tinker with settings; it’s all done at the product level. Once you’ve added dynamic pricing for a product of your choice, it’s on to the next step.

Product level settings for dynamic pricing table view

Pricing table view settings
Pricing table view settings

Click the first checkbox to display the pricing table, next choose a location for your pricing table; I’ve gone for next to the add to cart button.

There are options for naming your pricing table if you decide to show the dynamic price table next to the add to cart button. You can change the quantity label and the discount type label.

What does it look like?

Dynamic pricing table in action
Dynamic pricing table in action

It looks pretty cool, displays well, and is responsive, and it’s a great way to highlight savings to potential customers and hopefully get them to buy more!

Show the dynamic pricing table in tab instead

Dynamic pricing table in a tab
Dynamic pricing table in a tab

If you have a load of discounts for one product, putting it next to the add to cart button might make your discount table look out of place. There is an option to add it as a product tab.

Using the tab method will change the product level settings slightly. Here you can change the actual name of the tab, the quantity label, and discount label; see below for how it displays.

Dynamic pricing table in a tab
Dynamic pricing table in a tab

It’s clean and displays well. Again highlighting savings to your customers and hopefully nudging them to buy a higher quantity.

The plugin also has options for Prefix and Suffix so that you can add something before the product price or after. For example:

Prefix price option
Prefix price option
Suffix price option
Suffix price option

There is a character limit of twenty characters with a prefix/suffix option, and it’s a great way to make your pricing stand out even more in your table.

The WooCommerce Dynamic Price Table View plugin or (WDPTV it’s a ball ache typing it out all the time) does support price discounts, percentage discounts and fixed price discounts.

If you’ve been reading this plugin does have some caveats, see below for what I mean.

Issues you will have with WDPTV

The plugin is excellent, handy, and has saved me an sh*t load of time. There are a couple of issues with it, though. Firstly there is no way to turn off the status entry in your table.

Don’t get me wrong it’s useful to have; it merely highlights if the product is available or not and some may think this is necessary, but it would have been good to be able to have a checkbox to enable or disable it.

Secondly, there is no support for product variations. See below for the problem I had.

That’s a long dynamic pricing table right?

I have a product that has multiple variations and of course dynamic pricing per variation. Now WDPTV supports the display of this, but not in a way you would like. It reads like war and peace.

How to display dynamic pricing with product variations

I was adding a custom tab and filling in pricing discounts by hand, which I can tell you is a pain in the ass. Mainly due to pricing fluctuations of products, every other day I’d be updating, and it’s so time-consuming.

The Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce plugin

So I installed Custom Product Tabs for WooCommerce plugin. This plugin lets you add a custom tab at the product level, or a global product tab you can assign to specific products.

Cutting and pasting a selection of the discount table, I opened up the editor for a new post and stuck the table content into it.

Pricing table cut and pasted into the Gutenberg editor

Next, I changed the view of the block to HTML so I could copy and paste again.

HTML View of block for copy and paste

In the custom tab for WooCommerce plugin, I created a global tab, gave it a name and cut and pasted all the pricing variations to one single tab, gave it a name and saved it.

Custom Product Tab content pasted
Custom Product Tab content pasted

Now I have a global tab I can pull into specific products of the same nature. Sure it’s no a perfect fix but I will only ever have to update one global tab (and of course the product pricing itself) if pricing changes for the product.

See below for the end result:

Product with variation discount pricing table
Product with variation discount pricing table

It looks cleaner with clear text as to what exactly is on offer, compared to the long list I had before. Like I said, it’s not the most elegant of solutions, but it is a workaround, and hopefully, it might help you.

Another issue I’ve had with the plugin

Ad slot methinks
Ad slot methinks

At the top of every product I see the above, I think the developer wants to show me some ads but forgot to add the code or something, I don’t know.

For the amount of time this plugin has saved me in the long run, I can grin and bear it.

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial

Hopefully, you will be armed with enough info to add your very own dynamic pricing table to your products!

If there is anything unclear in my tutorial or you need additional help, please leave a comment, and I will do my very best to help where I can.

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