WordPress Review Queue

WordPress Review Queue
WordPress Review Queue

Find out what reviews I’m working on along with an ETA of when you can expect them to be ready. As I like to be transparent as many of you will no doubt know by now, I thought it only right to tell you what I’m working on.

It’s on my WordPress review queue you will find out what WordPress themes, plugins, and services I will be covering over time.

Along with an ETA of when you can expect the review to be completed by and of course find out more about previous reviews I’ve undertaken.

Keeping you in the loop all the time, and it’s a constantly updating page of all the reviews I have in the works.

I Don’t Rush My Reviews. Here’s Why.

As a buyer, you need to armed with as much information as I can give you whether it’s a plugin, WordPress theme, or service.

I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t go in-depth and post my findings. That’s not cricket.

I take my time, go to town. Look at WordPress products from a user perspective. Call a spade a spade.

I don’t consult with owners of themes, services, or plugins. I post my findings as I see them.

No intervention or submitting to them so they can edit them. Just raw unabridged findings.

Currently Reviewing The Following WordPress Products

Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin – Find out more > Affiliate link herenon affiliate link here.

Kioken Blocks – Find out more about Kioken here.

My choice from Skillfull Plugins – find out more about Skillfull Plugins here.

Tripetto – Find out more about Tripetto here.

WPBuffs Service review – Find out more about WPBuffs here.

Review Queue Updates:

08/09/19 – Foodica Theme has now been reviewied. You can read my review here.

I’m a big believer in making money from blogging, as long as it’s ethical and warranted. I’ve deliberated this for some time now. All reviews moving forwards will not contain affiliate links in the body copy.

Instead, you will be presented with two options. Either an affiliate link (clearly stated) or a non-affiliate link (again clearly stated).

The choice is yours to choose what feels right for you. Whether you’d like to support me on LyrWP, or not.

I understand affiliate links are not for everyone and leave a bad taste in some mouths. That’s why I’m working this way.

I don’t want to alienate people so that I can make a quick buck. It’s all about choices, and I hope you make the one you feel comfortable with.

Request A Review?

If you’re a developer looking for me to review your theme, plugin, or service and would like to work with me, I’d love to hear from you.

Please do understand I am one person and do not farm out content to be reviewed by someone else.

I take considerable time and care in reviewing products, and as such, my time can be limited. The review queue is where you can keep up with my current schedule.

So Please Be Aware Of The Following:

  • I write reviews warts and all.
  • I will not and never will submit reviews to you first for approval if there is a problem with your theme, plugin, or service I will mention it.
  • I do not charge for reviews (currently, may do in the future) and please be respectful of that, please don’t pressure me, when there are others before you.

What I Will Need From You For A Review:

  • I will need access to the plugin/theme/service a review copy .etc.
  • If you have an affiliate scheme, I’d like to join it so let me know about it.

If the above is good with you, then please send me a request via the contact form.