A Producthunt for WordPress products, interested?

It’s been a while since I’ve added any new content to LyrWP. Entirely my fault, my only excuse is I’ve been swamped in the day job. So apologies on that score.

On a separate note, I’d like to announce a little project I am going to work on. I’ve had the idea for a while now and recently (as of yesterday) asked the following on Twitter.

To my surprise, there seems to be a call for it.

So I’m going to be making a type of Producthunt (similarish TBC) for WordPress makers.

Why? There’s a need. As a consumer, I’m fed up with all the noise on the web about X plugin, Y theme, and so on.

WordPress blogs keep recommending the same big name products, what about the new themes, awesome plugins that do not get the same coverage?

The WordPress repo is great, but….

Don’t get me wrong. It serves a purpose to a degree. Problem is people are too quick to bash a plugin/theme because they can’t get it to do XYZ. Either the fault of the creator or more than likely the user not understanding how to use it.

The review system in the WP repo is flawed, for every decent review left by a happy user, people are quick to leave rubbish that offers no value to anyone whatsoever. You get a bad review on the repo, people will swerve your product.

Couple this with the comforting shroud of anonymity and users can leave bad reviews to ruin a product or indeed get lots of users to leave fake positive reviews.

WordPress makers need exposure

WordPress makers need exposure for their new products, without having to fork out $$$ to get a review which half the time would be trivial crap in the hope of getting their product into the wild.

Rob DeVore said it best

There needs to be a transparent platform, one that’s easy to use and help makers promote their wares.

One that helps consumers find something they might not have seen before. Highlighting themes/ plugins and services that may well be an excellent fit for their next project or a current one.

With open discussion, consumers could speak to the makers in comments and ask questions, developers can read real-world feedback, gauge response, and shape their product.

The platform will be for people, WordPress developers/makers those who are looking to promote their latest product. Tell users how it came to be, what it can do, who it’s for. It’s an opportunity for creators to tell a story about their product, build trust and receive feedback.

With no anonymous accounts, no guest voting, only registered users will be able to use the platform. Real world avatars not company logos, as Rob said it needs to be a real extension of themselves.

That’s got to be a win-win right? Bring consumers and developers/creators together.

Thank you to those on Twitter

Who took the time to interact and offer feedback, I truly appreciate it and I thank you (you know who you are) for taking the time to do so.

In summary

This post is kind of an announcement one for want of a better word. I will be diarying my progress here on LyrWP. So you can keep up to date with the status of the project.

In the meantime, please do leave a comment with your suggestions, be you a developer or consumer, I’d love to hear your feedback after all this project is going to be for you. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “A Producthunt for WordPress products, interested?”

  1. Hi,

    Really looking forward to this if you have the time to get it going.

    It is hard to find out about very useful plugins and some only go on Github rather than the WP repositry.


    • Hi Dale,

      Thanks for the comment. This is something I am definitely invested in. You are 100% right it is difficult to find useful plugins, all the big names are constantly thrown at readers from blogs.

      There are a wealth of useful plugins out there and the site will aim to highlight them. I want real developers telling their stories about their products, how they came to be, what they offer and what users can expect from them.

      Hopefully it will serve a purpose and help developers get some interest in their products, as well as helping people like you and me find something useful. Ask questions about the plugin/theme and start a conversation.

      You never know a plugin/theme developer may well get some ideas and direction for their product through user interaction, which in my mind is a win-win, for them and customers.

      Stay tuned to the blog I will post updates going forwards.

      Thanks for chipping in with a comment Dale, it’s much appreciated!


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