LyrWP Traffic & Income Report April 2019

My third post in my traffic and income section for LyrWP.

Let’s take a look at how I did in March so we can compare. For the record I’ve tagged this post with the word traffic so you can see all of my progress in one link here 🙂

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March blog stats:

Users: 478
New users: 461
Page views: 1817
Bounce rate: 71.65%

Well, less than my February report. I have seen an increase in traffic for April though.

Let’s take a look at the work behind the scenes.

Posts created in April

The WordPress Amazon Affiliate Guide Part One.

It’s going to be a series of tips, tricks and how to make money as an Amazon affiliate with WordPress. It’s received a bit of traction with a few asking questions in the form in the post.

So hold on to your hats for this one. It will take time to put together, but it will be worth it, view the guide here.

Intravert Ad Platform Review. Blog Advertising On Your Terms

My first review on LyrWP. Guess what? It’s nothing to do with WordPress! Saw it on ProductHunt (follow me on PH here if you like) and thought it was worthwhile reviewing.

Not affiliated with Intravert in any way, heck they don’t even have an affiliate program, just liked the idea of it and wanted to show it to fellow bloggers.

Was a lot of work in truth; hopefully, it will help others! It’s a tutorial on how to show multiple links on a page (in a friendly format) for Instagram users — keeping it on your domain and how to do it with GeneratePress.

Take a look if you’re interested 🙂

Ran a WordPress survey on Reddit with surprising results.

As a way to try and engage more, I put together a survey asking your day to day users of WordPress some questions.

Think, recommended themes, plugins, where you see WP in years to come, thoughts on Gutenberg, etc. It’s a long post so, with some plugins/themes, I’ve never even heard of some of them.

Worth a look if you have the chance.

March traffic & income report

Lastly, my traffic stats from March. You can take a look at that report here if you would like.

Targets set for April

  • Get over 1000 visitors
  • Get over 150 followers on Twitter
  • Create a minimum of 5 posts

April results

March 2019 Vs April 2019

March StatsApril Stats
New users461500+39
Page views18171374-443
Bounce rate71.65%74.93%+3.28

A win on the traffic front. Pleased with that! A small win, but a victory nonetheless. Not happy about page views though, will have to do a rejig and more internal linking to get more views.

That’s on the to-do list for sure.

Sadly didn’t get over 1000 visits, but hey I’m halfway there now, livi

Twitter followers

My target has always been to get over 150 followers on Twitter, naturally (best way). I’ve just literally hit 150! Pleased with that 🙂

You can follow me on Twitter here if you’d like.

Write 5 blog posts

Hit that (OK so one post was a traffic roundup of the previous month) still counts though.

In April I wrote a total of 11,174 words spread across the 5 posts. Which is no slouch I can tell you. Especially since I could have invested more time if I had the time. Alas, I did not.

Pretty pleased with the effort level considering the time I had available.

According to Jetpack, the following received the most visits:

Home page – 341
How to make a hero header in GeneratePress
– 158
A Definitive WordPress theme buying guide – 97
How to add Google Analytics to GeneratePress – 79
Ran a WordPress survey on Reddit, with surprising results – 75

Monthly cost of running LyrWP

Hosting is via Kinsta (test account) – my preferred choice for hosting my sites. = $0.00

Grammarly = $29.95

Total costs = $29.95

Affiliate income

Big fat zero lol. I’m not surprised in truth. I’m not at the level of traffic I need to be to make any serious revenue.

I’m not in it for the money, so I’m not disappointed. Sure it would be nice to have a couple of bucks from the effort I have put in; you can’t let it get to you though.

Changes on LyrWP

I moved away from Yoast SEO and now use The SEO Framework, have been pleased with it so far. It’s available for free on the .org, take a look if you like.

I like it as it’s easy to use and doesn’t nag the hell out of you to upgrade (sorry Yoast).

Have been using Fixed table of contents plugin (which I bought last month), again been pleased with it. Have seen some jump to hyperlinks popping up in the Google SERPS thanks to this plugin.

Also really liking Easy Social Sharing buttons (again purchased last month) it’s great, has a lot of options but I’ve gone with the bare minimum.

You can see both in action to your left and right respectively!

May targets lets set some goals

What’s a blog without targets? Baring in mind that it’s the 3rd of May today! I have to set myself some goals/objectives.

I’m going to leave Twitter alone, and if I focus too much on it, it will become a hinderance with time spent on it. I will be active don’t get me wrong, but I need more fresh content on the blog.

5-7 blog posts, I need to churn out as much decent quality shareable content as I possibly can.

So I’ve got my work cut out for May, especially considering how many words I wrote last month!

That’s my aim, this is the first post, so I only need to do another 4-6 lol.

How did you get on in April?

Any significant gains, anything in particular that worked for you? Or are you having difficulties? Let me know with a comment let’s have a chat and brainstorm.

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