LyrWP Traffic And Income Report Feb 2019

Welcome readers, I thought I’d flesh out the transparency section of LyrWP with my first ever traffic and income report.

You see I pledged to be as transparent as possible with LyrWP, let readers know the ins and outs.

These will be an ongoing addition to the blog. Why? Not to boast about anything, although some might find them vulgar to a degree.

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Building trust and of course sharing with you what works and what doesn’t in terms of blogging. You don’t have to have a blog about WordPress to benefit, as I develop LyrWP over the months, some tips could be applied to your blog as well.

So starting with report #1

I did reboot LyrWP back in January, but as the site was still being filled out and indexed, it made no sense to run a report for that month. So I’m starting with February 2019.

Posts created in February

At the time of writing, there are only eight posts on LyrWP. Two of which were actually written in February. The latest additions are:

A Definitive WordPress Theme Buying Guide By A Consumer. No Fluff. No Bull. No Affiliate Links.

The WordPress Review Queue. You decide what I review.

WordPress Services

Only two posts and one page? Sounds lazy right?

Yes and no. I work full time and have a family to look after so blogging is a case of where and when I can find the time.

The WordPress theme buying guide post generated a vast majority of the traffic here on LyrWP. It took me 3 days to put together and covers all the angles.

It weighs in at around 4.2k in word count and is a bit of a monster post.

After creating the post, I become stuck. What way could I possibly generate traffic to it, I put a lot of effort into it and just sharing it on Twitter wasn’t going to cut it.

So I bit the bullet and submitted the article to Reddit. Then presto.

The piece became quite popular and spurred a load of comments (76 in fact including my replies).

Which is fantastic, great feedback and some useful ideas came from this. Especially as the comments were from real-world users of WordPress, so I spent time answering questions and interacting.

If you’d like to see the post on Reddit and join in with the discussion, please do so here, would love to hear your take.

The other post The WordPress Review Queue is an ever-changing article detailing what I plan to review. It will be continually updated with products I shall be discussing and comments from users submitting product ideas for review.

It’s through this post I can form ideas, list potential WordPress products I am thinking of reviewing and formulating a plan of attack.

It’s useful for me to gauge what people would like to see reviewed. Rather than just discussing any old thing.

WordPress Services by LyrWP

The page WordPress Services is just that, I thought it about time to launch my own service offering. I’ve got plenty of experience with WP, so it’s about time I put it to good use.

I’m offering installation, content creation, and help where I can. If you’d like to see what’s on offer please head on over and take a look for yourself here.

Achieving my goals. Did I fail or succeed?

I did set my self some goals in a post I wrote back in January called A Brutally Truthful Account Of Where I’ve been Going Wrong. And What I’m Doing To Correct It.

In this post, I detail where I’ve gone wrong and what I’m doing to change things.

The goals I set myself were as follows:

Increase Twitter followers to 150

Well, I managed to increase my Twitter followers to 107 (at the time of this article). While not particularly impressive to some, they are genuine followers, and I’ve had direct messages asking me questions which are fantastic.

Content, add two reviews

I did target myself by adding a minimum of two reviews. I failed on that score. Not through laziness (I’m still working on the two reviews as we speak).

My reviews need to offer help and educate potential buyers, they take time to complete as I like to test thoroughly. They will be ready soon though!

Increase traffic to LyrWP

It’s always difficult when you start a new blog. The direction you decide to take in terms of content attracting the right audience etc.

I’ll be frank, if it were not for submitting the buying guide on Reddit, I doubt I would have had anything to talk about. See below for what I mean.

So how did I do?

Google Analytics For February 2019

Notice the peak on the 14th of February? Well that’s where I got half of my traffic for a month from, in one day!! All because of the theme buying guide and the response on Reddit.

If I hadn’t have done that, well you can only imagine.

So figures are:

  • Users: 822
  • New users: 819
  • Page views: 4031
  • Bounce rate: 61.29%

The above stats are not entirely accurate. In particular the page views, I believe this should be more like half the 4k. Mainly due to me not blocking myself from my analytics!!!

As my IP address changes through my ISP, I’ve installed a chrome extension called Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on. It’s actually by Google, and I’ve enabled it on my browser to get a more precise reading for next months report.

I’ve got Jetpack installed on LyrWP (some hate it due to the page load on blogs) I like it for the stats side of things. It’s what I’ve used to compile the below.

Here are the five most popular posts in February:

Total views on the blog according to Jetpack = 2216

Costs of operating LyrWP

Hosting is via Kinstamy preferred choice for hosting my sites. = $0.00

Kinsta very kindly gave me a test account for an old blog I used to run. I will be mentioning them in posts and articles to show my support, by way of thanks for the excellent help and service they provide and the free account!

Grammarly = $29.95

I use Grammarly daily, every single post I create I run it through their service. Although it’s a cost to me, I believe it’s worth it. It’s speeded up my content creation here on LyrWP and for the day job.

Total costs = $29.95

Affiliate income

I have not generated any affiliate income yet on LyrWP. No point fluffing it up and saying I’ve made a billion then selling an eBook entitled “How I made XXX in 30 days“.

It’s misleading and I prefer to be honest. The minute I do make any affiliate income I will disclose it in future reports.

A welcome surprise in February

On the WordPress theme buying guide post I created, I did get a great comment from a chap called Will. Will runs WPLiving a blog about WordPress, it’s great site and well worth checking out.

The post struck a chord with Will; we both share the same mindset. Through discussions via email, myself and Will are looking for ways to perform the best reviews to help consumers. By informing and covering all the bases, the pro’s and con’s, so watch this space!

Key takeaways

Everything is a learning curve when it comes to blogging. Did I do enough, could I have made changes etc.

From my point of view I don’t think I did too badly, that being said I know I could have done more by making a few more allowances in my personal life and more focus.

Which leads me on to.

New targets for March

Well March is already here, two days in and this is the first post! So it’s time to set myself some targets to work to this month:

  • Increase traffic – no brainer
  • Gain more Twitter followers – current count is 107 (overly ambitious to get to 150, but that’s what I’m aiming for!)
  • Content, post three reviews and a couple of how-to articles
  • Get at least 1000 visits to LyrWP. Big ask. VERY big ask, especially since a majority of traffic in February came from Reddit.
  • Use the WordPress Reddit sub more. Helping people with problems and giving advice. (Great way to gain more traffic and of course to actually help people!)

How will I do in March?

Some big targets I’ve set myself. I’m fairly confident I’ll hit them, I need to push myself more. With that being said I cannot become disheartened if I don’t hit them.

As always I will perform another traffic and income report in March, so stay tuned for that one to see how I got on.

How did your blog perform in February?

The whole point of LyrWP is to help people. So if you had a sterling month in February share your success here. Let others know how you got on.

By the same token, if your blog slumped or you need some help leave a comment and let’s see if I can help or a fellow commentator can.

2 thoughts on “LyrWP Traffic And Income Report Feb 2019”

  1. I don’t think many blogs have written a post like this. Thank you very much.
    First known you can get more traffics from Reddit. Now registering a Reddit account
    I have also just started for a blog about WordPress (February). My blog shared about Templates for GeneratePress & Beaver Builder .And it only has nearly 30 visits/day in February. Hope to increase to 100 in March :bb:
    Will follow your blog, hoping to read many other interesting posts.

    • Hey Tuan,

      Thanks for the comment, I wouldn’t rely on Reddit as a way to generate traffic. And I’d also be careful about what you post there, content needs to be helpful and useful to the community or indeed encourage debate. I’m sure you’ll get to the 100 hits a day mark, it just takes time and quality content.

      Keep on keeping on and you’ll get there I’m sure!

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