LyrWP Traffic And Income Report March 2019

My second post in my traffic and income section. This time I’m taking a look at the stats for March.

Last month I did OK, in terms of traffic, what will March hold for me?

Before I go into the stats for March 2019, lets recap with how the blog did in February.

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February blog stats:

  • Users : 822
  • New users: 819
  • Page views: 4031
  • Bounce rate: 61.29%

Great stuff, I mean I was pleased to a degree. I know deep down in my heart March is going to be pants.

Why do I know this?

Zero effort. Not for want of trying you understand, I’ve been super busy with the day job.

Rewriting over 100 pages, playing around with content and I’ve also been extensively using the Elementor Pro, which I’ve been pleasantly surprised with so far!

Posts created in March

GeneratePress hero header tutorial

A useful little guide on how to add a hero header to a post/page. Thanks to the versatility of GeneratePress and its premium plugin. Damn, did I tell you how much I love GP?

LyrWP traffic and income report Feb 2019

My previous months’ stats.

Only two posts in March.

Isn’t it shocking? That’s all I’ve done. Sure you could say I’m lazy, maybe. I’ve been so caught up in my day jobs website, and I haven’t had anywhere near the time to blog on LyrWP.

That blame falls squarely at my feet. My time management skills are lacking. And to my detriment, fresh content has failed massively. Mind you no one ever said blogging was easy, right?

Targets I set for March.

I set myself many targets to hit in March. I was probably too hard on myself with my workload. Thinking I could do everything at once. I failed. I did, however, have some increases!

Last month I wanted to increase my Twitter followers to 150. Now in March, my follower count was 107.

As of the end of March, it hit 132. Now, not big numbers to some, however, it’s growth!

Especially seeing as I’m not automating Twitter, I’ve been actively participating in discussions and submitting content I believe would be useful to others.

On the whole, my follower count is probably the best out of my set targets.

Add reviews

Zero points. Crumbs, I really need to get this sorted. Especially as I’m professing to be a WordPress review blog!

I have written a couple of reviews, but I’m refining them and making sure readers get all the info they need.

Increase traffic to the site

Damn and blast. Then again what did I expect with only two posts? Take a look at the below to see what I mean.

#crap huh?

February 2019 Vs March. Fight.

February StatsMarch StatsDifference
New users819461-358
Page views40311817-2214
Bounce rate61.29%71.65%+10.36

March wins. Fatality.

Jeepers man. Not good. But really what did I expect? You’ve got to put the work in to get the results, I blame my time management skills. Or lack thereof.

The tale of the tape. Shocking huh? Yeh, I thought so too. I cannot become disheartened. I have to persevere, onwards and upwards so to speak.

The following are the most popular posts as according to Jetpack, bear in mind I did uninstall Jetpack at one point, whilst working on LyrWP.

Total views on the blog according to Jetpack = 789

Costs of operating LyrWP

Hosting is via Kinsta (test account) – my preferred choice for hosting my sites. = $0.00

Grammarly = $29.95

Total costs = $29.95

Affiliate income

Well as you’d expect it was low if any. To my surprise, I did make on sale for GeneratePress, probably through a tutorial or something so I made: $17.48

Costs after income = $12.47

It’s not going to set the world on fire, granted. But from little acorns do might oaks grow and all that!

Working off site.

Despite being mad busy with my day job, I have made progress both on-site and off-site.

I’ve finished refining LyrWP from an aesthetical point of view and made some changes. The layout is just how I want it, clean and crisp.

Bought a few plugins

Also purchased a couple of plugins, you’ll note the floating sharing buttons to your left and the table of contents to your right.

I purchased Easy Social Sharing Buttons from CodeCanyon, quite a nifty little plugin, with a shit ton of options.

Also purchased Fixed table of contents from CodeCanyon, again lots of options and really loved the way it breaks up the post content.

Hopefully, it will help you the reader navigate my articles and find the info you need, quicker.

Made a switch in terms of SEO plugins

Switched out Yoast SEO (got sick of the pushing it’s premium service at you) and opted for The SEO Framework, I’ve got the free version of this plugin and boy is it lightweight, a breeze to use and dare I say it so far, I prefer it to Yoast SEO.

More involved on social media

I’ve gotten quite into Reddit of late, viewing requests for help, interacting and offering guidance where I can.

Even had a couple of people message me looking for advice. Which I obviously give and help as much as I can, within my remit of course.

A few ideas and targets for April

I’d be lying if I didn’t have a few tricks up my sleeve for LyrWP. With that in mind, here are some targets I’m setting myself for the blog.

Get over 1000 visitors – no paid advertising.

Yup, I’m aiming for the big leagues, going to do my level best to hit over 1000 visitors for April. I’ve got a few decent ideas for content, and indeed pre-written content I think could help.

Get over the 150 followers on Twitter

I absolutely love Twitter, and I’m going to hit that organic 150 follower mark if it kills me! So lot’s of sharing content from other sites and interaction is the order of the day!


Create a minimum of 5 posts in April. A mixture of reviews and tips/tutorials, opinion pieces. Hopefully the above will address the balance and decrease my shortfall!

How did you get on in March?

Would love to hear your experiences, what works and what doesn’t. Everyone needs a success story in their life to inspire, motivate and push forward.

So if you’re one of those people who has an inspiring story, let me know with a comment. Or if your blog failed in March (as mine did) share your story and lets see if we can’t help each other in some way,

If you could share this, I'd appreciate it!!

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