LyrWP Blog Launch No Failures This Time

Welcome to the Blog launch of LyrWP

Hi all, my name’s Ben. I’ve been using WordPress for ages now, so I thought I’d have another stab at launching a blog about WordPress.

So I guess welcome to my blog launch type of post thing type thing! If you’d like to find out more about the direction of LyrWP you can view my about page here.

I’ve been using WordPress for a while

As I mentioned I’ve been using WordPress for ages now. In fact, when I think about it, it makes me feel old. I’ve never been a coder, not for want of trying, it’s something I continue to do in the background (time permitting).

So don’t go expecting an in-depth blog about coding tips!

I’m no stranger to WordPress blogging

I used to run a blog called, I’ll be honest I tried so many bloody things to attract visitors, add new sections etc. It became a monster, every time I looked at it I hated it. I began to hate WordPress as well.

It wasn’t the fault of WP, and it was my constant meddling that annoyed me. A butterfly mind some might say, I can flit from one thing to another. It’s a horrible thing to suffer from but nonetheless, I am doing my level best to focus.

Wiping the slate clean

This blog launch is for a new venture called LyrWP. It’s supposed to be short for LayerWP, as in WordPress has many layers, and I’m here to help you etc. Sounded catchy at the time, couldn’t take LayerWP as it was already taken lol.

Anyways, back to basics for me. My one true passion whilst working on was reviewing products, I really, really enjoy reviewing products. Don’t ask me why it’s just that I become laser-focused on the task at hand.

So I forget about my time on All the bad habits I had, no regurgitating old posts and passing them off as new ones on LyrWP. Just fresh content about WordPress.

Reviewing WordPress themes, plugins and more

I’m going to stick to what I do best, which is review themes and plugins, preview them as well (I don’t always get access to products to do a full in-depth review) don’t worry though I’ll openly state that in any reviews I do.

I love helping people

I genuinely do, I like to help people by providing useful information on themes and plugins to help them make the right choice when purchasing a WordPress product.

Let’s face it as WordPress users; we’re all consumers to a degree whether it’s buying a shiny new theme or purchasing a new plugin to add additional functionality to your install.

So I will be reviewing themes/plugins, and being transparent.

Being transparent, it’s very important to me

My transparency section will be just that, transparent. I will list how the site is doing, news on the site, traffic reports and income reports. I think it’s important to be clear from the outset and I hope you appreciate it.

I don’t mince my words

I never have and never will. As part of my review process, if I have access to the plugin or theme, I will install it and get it all set up and write my review as if I was a customer.

Warts and all, it’s the best way to be, be forthright and upstanding. I could fill the site with a bajillion affiliate links sit back and make a healthy profit.

Or I could blatantly lie about a theme/plugin to fill the coffers full of ill-gotten gains.

That’s not my style

Your readership matters to me

As a new blog about WordPress, readership and trust go hand in hand. You want a reliable go-to place to get information on theme or plugin you like the look of, I want to help you.

How can I do that? By arming you with what you can expect as a consumer, be prepared could make the difference between you getting stuck with a lemon or a product that’s going to make all the difference.

So my blog launch post is over. It’s the first article of many that I plan to write on LyrWP, I’m looking forward to providing you with useful information that will actually help you.

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