Need help on WordPress, SEO, Blogging .etc?

If you’re looking for help on WordPress, marketing, SEO, help with WooCommerce and more.

You will have no doubt come across lots of self appointed “gurus” pushing you towards purchasing products and signing up via email to get “more.”

I know I’ve been there, searching to no avail. It’s disheartening, while there are some decent articles/websites offering advice, weeding them out can be a pain.

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Especially if you’re using Google, guest writers are offering advice on which WordPress theme for this and that, plugins to do XYZ and more.

My advice (for what it’s worth) use Reddit

Stop what you’re doing. Head on over to Reddit and search. You’ll be surprised at the info that’s there. It’s become my go-to place to find the answers to the questions I need.

I was losing confidence in Google searches, as a majority of help posts are nothing more than affiliate linked pieces of dirge to get you to buy shit you don’t need. Or subscribe via email for things you really could do without.

Worst of all, outdated bad advice, here’s how you can skip the crap and get decent real-world advice from people who have the skills, that perhaps you don’t have.

Why you’ll love Reddit for help

It’s unbiased, no self-help gurus, pushing you towards signing up for an email or persuading you to purchase a specific theme (think best of theme series) or (best of plugin series). They’re junk, you’ll get caught out.

Instead, you’ll get opinions and advice from people that work in the industry. People that offer help and information on the things you need the answer to.

Without the endless peddling of newsletters, PDF downloads (behind email walls) affiliate links everywhere, you know the drill.

Here’s some subreddits worth looking at if you need help with WordPress

First up the WordPress subreddit

It’s home to over 66,000 members from professionals in the WordPress sphere, those looking for help and more. It’s a community of like-minded people willing to help.

Just make sure you read the rules, they are in the community section in the sidebar:

  1. No Theme/Plugin/Services Advertising
  2. No Promotions
  3. No Hosting Discussion
  4. No List Posts
  5. No URL shortening services
  6. Posts must be specific to WordPress
  7. No, find my theme for me questions
  8. Do not post that you have been hacked.
  9. No Generic CSS/HTML questions
  10. No Site Critiques

What does the above tell you? Well for a start it’s not going to be like a run of the mill blog post that offers advice stacked full of theme lists, promoting XYZ and more.

If you’re into WordPress, forget Quora (which incidentally is a guru punting cesspool), take a look at the subreddit, have a proper search through, you will more than likely find the answers you need. If you don’t and your question adheres to their community guidelines ask away.

View the WordPress subreddit

Looking for advice on SEO?

Hell, we all are aren’t we? Just Googling that will bring up a wealth of sites all proclaiming to be masters in the craft.

Problem is SEO changes all the time. Want advice that’s worth noting? Want resources other people in the Search Engine Optimization industry use as there go to place?

Take a look at the SEO subreddit, there are literally loads of people looking for advice and the answers given can really help.

Just be wary that you might get a rough time if your question is totally noob like. So search through this sub before you go asking questions!

With over 97,000 members and a varied mix of topics, there is something for everyone here. While there are no community rules as such, just be careful what you ask, when in doubt search, more often than not your question will have been answered. By people who actually work in the industry on day by day.

View the SEO subreddit

Need help with WooCommerce?

While this community is relatively small by comparison to those mentioned above, it’s still worth checking out.

With over 4,000 members asking for help with WooCommerce, and of course, answering questions, this is an excellent resource for all things WooCommerce related.

Again answers are given by people who use WooCommerce, not by a blog trying to fulfill a user intent search to punt you a specific theme or plugin.

WooCommerce subreddit rules:

  1. Absolutely no promotional material.
  2. Please do not post links to market content or advertise.
  3. You may add links to the post description for helpful resources or for help with your site.
  4. This is a place for friendly discussions.
  5. Please stick to the rules and be kind or your post will be removed, or it may result in a ban.

Again what you can tell from the above as opposed to blog articles from Google on WooCommerce is no promotional content, no links to buy products.

Make sure to search the community for answers to your questions and be mindful of the rules. The answer could be found by searching if in doubt ask a question.

View the WooCommerce subreddit

Blogging advice & help

We all need a little help sometimes don’t we? What works? What doesn’t? This is the place to find it, while not geared to WordPress it is specific to blogging in general, which can only be a benefit to you if you’re just starting out.

With a decent sized community of over 34,000 users, it’s no slouch. It deals with blogger outreach, backlinks, article writing and much more.

Again be wary of the rules, of which there are many to this subreddit:

  1. Feedback requests posts outside thread not allowed
  2. Advertisements require prior mod approval
  3. Posts related to guest blogging not allowed
  4. Self-promotion & vague articles are not allowed.
  5. Affiliate Links are not allowed
  6. Update your post’s flair.
  7. Beginner questions belong in the questions thread
  8. Your account must be 3 days old & have 3 c. karma

No affiliate links, no self-promotion, just people are asking for help and people helping. You don’t get that on Google when you do a search, do you? More often than not, you don’t

View the Blogging subreddit

Need help with Digital Marketing, Facebook advertising and more? Take a look through Reddit.

I’ve started using it in anger for a while now, and it’s amazing what you find out. Things about themes, plugins, tips, SEO and more.

The type of stuff you don’t ordinarily find out through a standard search on Google (other search engines are available). Add it to your mix, learn, ask questions (if you can’t find the answers).

Hell, answer questions if you know the answers, that’s the whole point of Reddit. Get involved, have fun, take note, learn become a part of a community.

Do you have a favorite subreddit?

The subreddits mentioned above are merely a handful, some might not agree with my choices, and hey that’s your perogative. They’re an excellent place to start, so have a look through and see if they are right for you.

Just make sure you read the rules, make sure you upvote if you like an answer given, be active, answer questions if you have the knowledge.

Let me know would really like to hear what you recommend, so please do share in the comments. Looking forward to your suggestions.

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