Affiliate Disclosure

LyrWP Affiliate disclosure

From time to time I will use affiliate links in my reviews and articles on LyrWP. By clicking on these links I will receive a commission. This does not affect the price you pay and goes towards the cost and upkeep of LyrWP.

Reviews on LyrWP

I will be performing reviews of WordPress products as LyrWP is a WordPress theme/plugin and service review site. As part of this process, the reviews will contain affiliate links in them.

I do not give favourable reviews of WordPress products purely for financial gain, all reviews are performed to the best of my ability. All opinions are my own and not influenced by the developers/creators of the aforementioned products.

It’s still early stages on LyrWP, however at some point no doubt I will be opening up the doors for paid for reviews. I will clearly state that the review in question is paid for in the review itself.

This will not affect my opinion on the product in question and I will not paint a positive picture despite being paid. If the product is not fit for purpose or has faults I will clearly list them on the review itself.


As part of my transparency process, I will be posting articles pertaining to the progress of LyrWP and revenues generated as a result. These articles will be available for all to view in my transparency section here.