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LyrWP here to help
LyrWP here to help

Where do I start? Well, I suppose at the beginning. 

I used to run a website called WPin.me, I changed it over a while ago. I became disillusioned with the site, didn’t like the direction it went in.

So I thought I’d wipe the slate clean and start afresh. Hence LyrWP.com.

Learning from things that worked

WPin.me wasn’t a failure far from it, it had a wealth of reviews and tips/tutorials, that were well received.

It was never going to compete with on same levels as more prominent blogs on WordPress.

They have more writers available and do it full time (most do not all) that’s why I think I beat myself up.

That lead to WPin.me going in a different direction, being pulled from pillar to post and upset at my own indifference in terms of traffic and content.

I was trying to be too many different things at once.

I’ve learned from that and onwards to new horizons

I’ll stick to what I know, writing in-depth reviews that actually help people. Be it a WordPress theme, plugin or service.

I’m transparent, I expect content I read to be as well

I don’t care for fluff and sales like content. I just tell it like it is. Anyone who knows me knows I do not mince my words.

Fluff things up to make them better than they actually are! I never mislead and to that end, this is what you can expect from LyrWP:

  • Reviews of WordPress products, no holds barred.
  • Tips and tutorials
  • Fresh new plugins/themes and how they could be applied to your business
  • Marketing help
  • Q&A – I’ll throw open a section at some point where you can ask for assistance, if I can’t help you, chances are I will know someone who can!

Sound good?

Awesome, glad to have you onboard and hope you like your reviews freshly served and unbiased.