Wisdom is a data capture plugin for WordPress plugin authors, designed to take the guesswork out of how your plugin is being used. You embed a short code snippet in your plugin files which reports back data from the user’s installation to your own site, where you can analyse it. Data includes information about the user’s theme and plugins, admin email address, plugin settings, PHP and server environment, WordPress version, and so on.

Wisdom is suitable for free and premium plugins. You can host and distribute your plugins from any location – e.g. from the WordPress.org directory, marketplaces like Code Canyon, or your own site. All the reported data is held on your own site: there’s no third-party system involved and it works fine with EDD, WooCommerce and other native WordPress digital download solutions.

Not only does Wisdom provide invaluable information about who is using your plugin, it also presents a short feedback form whenever a user deactivates the plugin, so that you can discover why people are choosing to deactivate.

Wisdom is designed to help you generate more revenue by improving your product and improving conversions to premium products. It gather users’ email addresses and integrates with Mailchimp, allowing you to contact users directly – either through automated emails or manually.

Wisdom helps reduce time spent on support calls, giving you prior knowledge about a user’s system and environment, allowing you to respond more quickly and effectively, and keeping your customers happier.

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