No Themeforest, CodeCanyon, CreativeMarket On LyrWP Thank You

Since I launched LyrWP a few days ago, I’ve had a number of submissions from marketplaces. The likes of Themeforest, CodeCanyon, Creativemarket to name but a few.

Here’s some news for you.


There you go, I don’t want any themes or plugins from any of these marketplaces. LyrWP is a place for you to find WordPress themes, plugins and services from independent developers.

I’ve nothing against any of the aforementioned, I just don’t want to see them listed anywhere on LyrWP. From a WordPress theme point of view if I see another multi-purpose WordPress theme, or indeed a listing that can’t even spell multi-purpose I will go fucking mental.

I don’t want them on LyrWP. I want awesome finds from talented developers, not a run of the mill visual composer based theme that runs like a slug in treacle.

If I’ve upset anyone in the process by not allowing them on LyrWP, so be it. Don’t give a flying one in truth. There’s a billion different spammy fucking shit websites promoting themes on marketplaces, I don’t want LyrWP to fit in the unfortunate mould.

Like I said if I’ve upset anyone I’m not bothered. It’s not for me, don’t submit them, they will NOT get published. Shit I might even name and shame the most persistent tools who ignore this post.


Anyways, if you’ve seen something pretty darn awesome (and it’s not on a marketplace) then submit it!

Message ends.

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