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Wow, what a day it’s been. I actually submitted LyrWP on Product Hunt last night and have been subsequently been amazed out how positive people have been.

I truly am grateful for everyone that has taken the time to upvote LyrWP on Product Hunt, currently it’s on 80 votes!

What has this meant for LyrWP?

Well for one the reaction to LyrWP has been overwhelmingly positive, I’ve had tweets and emails from independent WordPress developers thanking me for taking the time to make something different.

I’ve had a number of submissions as well, highlighting WordPress products I’ve never even heard of before! You see it’s not all about marketplaces for WordPress plugins and themes, there’s a wealth of awesome WordPress products out there and that’s what LyrWP is all about.

It’s all about the independents on LyrWP

I can’t code sadly, but what I can do is help showcase fantastic products by talented WordPress developers, sharing them with you the visitor.

That’s my contribution to the WordPress ecosystem, some may scoff, others may heckle, it’s the simple truth.

Also web traffic has gone mental

I’ve had a shed load of visitors thanks to Product Hunt, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. It’s been a busy day indeed for me, speaking to new people via email and striking up potential relationships moving forwards.

Was I ready to launch?

After a few glasses of wine last night, I thought so. If I’d done things properly I probably would have waited a few days, iron out a few things etc.

Sometimes though, you just have to dive right in. 


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