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Welcome to LyrWP, with so much bluff and bluster, 50 best themes for the 300 best plugins for that. It can be hard to find something for your business or blog needs.

LyrWP is a simple no frills way for your to find something new. With no ramming themes / plugins / services down your throats, just concise info pertaining to the product in question.

Think of LyrWP as a kind of Product Hunt, but purely for WordPress. You can vote up themes / services and plugins and help others will comments on why you think the service is great or bad.

If you’d like to submit a find to LyrWP, just hit the submit button.

Submitting content to LyrWP is free (with one caveat) 

  • All I ask is you keep it simple.
  • Don’t oversell something.
  • Keep it under 250 characters. Nobody want’s war and peace for a product listing.

As LyrWP is free all I ask is for you to follow @LyrWP on Twitter after you have submitted your find. Once I have confirmation of your follow, I will make it live, providing it’s noteworthy,

That’s it. Not much of an announcement post is it?

That’s because I like to keep things simple.

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