LyrWP is a curated content site all about WordPress.

I really cannot make it any simpler than that. I’ve set up LyrWP as I’m sick to fucking death of post round ups with no perceived value.

There’s a lot of noise from WordPress bloggers on best themes for this, best plugins for that.

50 Best of this, 80 Plugins for that. I don’t care for them.

I couldn’t give two fucks for them personally, I’m fresh out of fucks.

Anyways, LyrWP is here to highlight WordPress themes, plugins and services that may well be of interest.

The premise is simple, no frills. Simply products that have been submitted by yours truly (Hi by the way!) or indeed by eagle eyed readers.

I don’t want crap on LyrWP, nor do you want to see it. Just themes / plugins / services that ACTUALLY might be of interest.

Also do not submit themes / plugins from marketplaces such as Themeforest, CodeCanyon or any other marketplace. I don’t want them, LyrWP showcases themes / products from independent developers who’ve gone out in the real world and are making their mark.

Nuff said. 


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LyrWP Curating WordPress one theme & plugin at a time.